The Society

When the state of Greece was founded in 1830, after the War of Independence, the first governments were immediately faced with the great problems of the economy, public administration and education. The last of these also included the question of the country's ancient treasures, which had been looted and destroyed over the centuries by traffickers in antiquities. However, the official Antiquities Service was undermanned and incapable of taking proper care of the ancient remains, and so on January 6th 1837, on the initiative of a wealthy merchant named Constantinos Belios, a group of scholars and politicians founded the Archaeological Society at Athens with the objects of locating, re-erecting and restoring the antiquities of Greece...

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"Vivliotheke tes en Athenais Archaiologikes Hetaireias" (BAE)

"Praktika tes en Athenais Archaiologikes Hetaireias" (PΑΕ)

"Archaiologike Ephemeris" (ΑΕ)

"To Ergon tes En Athenais Archaiologikes Hetaireias" (Ergon)

"O Mentor"

Διαδραστικός χάρτης

Ανακαλύψτε τους χώρους ανασκαφών και μελετών της εταιρείας



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